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If you need to backup Outlook Express, use the OE Backup Tiger. We offer you a free 30-day trial period to test OE Backup Tiger.

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Outlook Express is a free email program that comes with each Windows installation. Unfortunately, its message database, settings and address books are vulnerable to dangerous disk failures and other threats. So you'll probably need a reliable Outlook Express backup program to secure your data. While standard OE backup methods are time-consuming and require advanced technical knowledge about the system, we offer a simple solution you can use on a daily basis – Outlook Express Backup Tiger.

OE backup software – Outlook Express Backup Tiger helps you to backup your Outlook Express files in four clicks. A Wizard-like interface allows you to customize OE backup options and the location to save the resulting backup file. Outlook Express Backup Tiger can save and then restore:

Outlook Express Backup Tiger is the practical tool that creates backup copies of Outlook Express email database. Viruses, software failures or power outages can destroy your Outlook Express and all your emails. Making backups of Outlook Express folders and settings is fast and easy using Outlook Express Backup Tiger. Imagine how useful it would be to have your emails, address book, favorites and other critical Outlook Express data backed up routinely. And you will never lose any email by accidentally deleting it. If you care about your important mail data you should use our OE backup software to back up your emails, options, rules and other settings periodically.

Outlook Express Backup Tiger supports OE versions 5.x and 6.x. You can protect the resulting backup file with a password and use the function of file compression to reduce its size. This OE backup program can also be used to transfer data between computers. For example, you can synchronize the e-mail data between your desktop PC and a notebook. Also you can transfer your settings from an old to a new PC.

If your data had disappeared from Outlook Express, don't panic! If you periodically made backups with our top-notch Outlook Express Backup Tiger software all you need to do now is to restore backup version. It's that ease!

The procedure is very simple: firstly, specify what you want back up; secondly, you can check if all backup options are specified correctly and configure what the backup Outlook Express program should do in case any errors occur during the backup process and, finally push the button "Finish" to complete backup.

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Download OE Backup Tiger  Buy OE Backup Tiger